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Unleash the Power of Predictive Analysis.

The Art Of Analysis

InfoTrader® is designed to accommodate the art of analysis for the aircraft parts trader, and to make it easy to share that analysis across the enterprise. The analysis that you produce alongside your data is more important than the raw data itself.

By Traders

InfoTrader® was designed by experts who understand the complexities of the aviation parts trading industry. Analysts and data, when properly coupled, give the individual immense power and control when disseminating large amounts of information. Human strategic oversight becomes especially strong when quality interfacing occurs between the analyst and the data.

For Traders

Computers have tactical power but humans have experience and insight that computers do not. InfoTrader® reinforces the application of human judgment combined with the power and support of the software.

Proven Technology

InfoTrader® was first deployed in 2018 to support one of the most successful specialty providers in commercial aviation. By focusing on delivering quality data through predictive analysis, InfoTrader® drives good decision-making. The trading platform continues to evolve providing its customer base with regular feature deployments, improving the user experience.

Built for speed using the fastest frameworks available, InfoTrader monitors and seamlessly collects infrastructure metrics to distribute information that shows a clear picture of market trends to the user.

InfoTrader® is built to accommodate the art of analysis, to unlock insights and anticipate trends, and to deliver an engaging experience for the user.

InfoTrader® rapidly unites people and processes with intuitive, cross-enterprise integrations.

InfoTrader® allows users to quickly search, filter, and analyze information in real-time for troubleshooting, and open-ended exploration of your data.

InfoTrader® uses predictive analysis to uncover information quickly, promote strategic forecasting, and automate repetitive tasks.

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InfoTrader® compartmentalizes your data, filtered specifically for the user, so they get what they need without distraction. Unleash the power of predictive analysis to surface information, make predictions, and automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic work.

We live in a world with huge amounts of data coming in at an increasing rate. Make good decisions for business based on fast, concise analysis.

Collaboration is the scarcest resource in analysis. InfoTrader® allows the individuals or groups of individuals to benefit from each other’s work and to work together to build the common picture of reality that analysis implies.

InfoTrader® provides a single point of access where you can touch all the data points in an organized and simplified manner. These tools then help you to discover opportunities and recognize anomalies.

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"When we all see powerful data, we all make powerful decisions, together."
Alfredo Dreyfus
Founder, Product Manager at InfoTrader®

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Alfredo Dreyfus

Product Manager, Founder

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